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Nidec’s new E-Axle integrated traction motor system

The 45-year-old Nidec Corporation has unveiled a fully integrated traction motor system. Nidec’s E-Axle is based on an earlier design that included an integrated inverter. The new design also integrates an electric motor and reduction gearbox.


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Plug-in Vehicles Displaced 216 Million Gallons of Gasoline in 2017

Plug-in vehicles, which include all-electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, have been saving increasing amounts of gasoline. When gasoline consumption of conventional internal combustion engine vehicles is compared with similar sized plug-in vehicles operating on electricity, plug-in vehicles on the road displaced 216 million gallons of gasoline in 2017.


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Ford Expands Transit Plug-in Hybrid Van Trial to Valencia

Among the toughest working environments for vans, cities offer significant challenges to moving people and delivering goods and services. Ford, which is already investigating how plug-in hybrid electric vehicles could help in London, announced it would also begin testing in Valencia, Spain. The collaboration between Ford Smart Mobility, the regional government of Valencia and the […]


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Hyundai Mobis Aims to Develop All Autonomous Driving Sensors by 2020

Hyundai Mobis plans to use its proving ground, which opened last June in Seosan, South Chungcheong Province, as a test bed for new technologies, with the goal of becoming a leader in future car technologies. The automotive supplier announced at the proving ground that it plans to develop autonomous driving sensors, which are essential for […]


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Pivot Power to build 2 GW network of batteries and charging stations

Pivot Power has unveiled plans to build a 2 GW network of grid-scale batteries and fast charging stations across the UK.


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BP invests $20 million in ultra-fast EV charging company StoreDot

BP has invested $20 million in Israel’s StoreDot, a start-up that develops lithium-ion batteries that can charge electrics cars in five minutes. The number of electric vehicles worldwide is growing rapidly and BP is working across the supply chain to support the development of the technologies and infrastructure required to support that growth. BP believes […]


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BP invests $20 million in battery developer StoreDot

At least a couple of the oil giants see the handwriting on the garage wall, and are taking some baby steps toward the electric future.


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Pivot Power to build £1.6 billion EV charging network in the UK

The UK company Pivot Power unveiled plans to build a 2-gigawatt network of grid-scale batteries and rapid electric vehicle charging stations in Britain. The £1.6 billion programme will provide infrastructure to support the rapid adoption of EVs and underpin clean air policies, while introducing valuable flexibility into the energy system to accommodate the demands of […]


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