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Citroen launches new E-MEHARI with hard top and new interior

Following on from the “Styled by Courrèges” limited edition available since November 2017, Citroen has launched the new E-MEHARI.
The all-electric iconically styled four-seater cabriolet has made a true generational leap in terms of design and equipment, gaining more comfort and versatility. New Citroen E-MEHARI is now available in a Hard Top version with side windows and an opening rear window, having transformed into a real family car.
It is home to a top-quality interior completely redesigned consistent with Brand cues. The new dashboard with body-coloured trim and new seats lend the car a more contemporary look, while Easy Entry access makes getting into the back seats easier. It offers an all-electric driving pleasure with serenity with its steel roof bars and new safety equipment, including 4 airbags.
Designed in Paris and produced in Rennes, it is the first electric vehicle to earn “Origine France Guaranteed” certification.
New Citroen E-MEHARI is already available to order across the entire Citroen France network, starting at €19,500 for the Soft Top version, including the €6,000 ecological bonus, and at €20,700 for the Hard Top version, also including the ecological bonus.


Alongside the renowned Soft Top model equipped with a supple material for open-top adventures on all roads, New Citroen E-MEHARI is now available in an all-new urban Hard Top version suitable for all-season use and appealing to new customers.
Making its world debut with E-MEHARI “Styled by Courrèges” limited edition, the new generation affirms its automotive character with reinforced exterior protection on the upper part of the vehicle for ever greater versatility. A leisure vehicle with limitless open-top possibilities, New Citroen E-MEHARI innovates with an all-new Hard Top. The glossy Black Hard Top, embellished by metallic grey roll bars, heightens the car’s sense of robustness and lends it a more urban character. In everyday life, the Hard Top ensures that motorists can use New Citroen E-MEHARI whatever the weather or the season.
The ingenious Hard Top, accompanied by front windows, rear quarterlights and a glass rear window, effectively contributes to the car’s excellent acoustic and thermal isolation. Combined with central door locking, it also renders the model more theft-proof. It can now transform into a family car for use in town and all year around.

Designed for all types of use, New Citroen E-MEHARI can welcome up to four people on board.
Practical and designed for all needs, it can be locked and unlocked in complete ease using an RFID key chain. Motorists simply place the key chain in front of the scanner on the lower part of the windscreen to remove the charging socket before starting the car. Central door locking brings drivers complete peace of mind in all locations.
Drivers benefit from a height- and reach-adjustable steering wheel as well as power steering with the City function. New Citroen E-MEHARI is equipped with new, more enveloping and height-adjustable driver and front-passenger seats, for extra comfort. It is also the first model to feature the Easy Entry system for easier access to the back seats thanks to tilting front seats with position memory. The system makes life much more comfortable for back-seat passengers.
The practical New Citroen E-MEHARI features new storage compartments on the central console and in the inner door panels, while its boot comprises a secure 78 litre compartment which can be locked. Lastly, for transporting bags, suitcases and other leisure equipment for a shopping trip or an active weekend, New Citroen E-MEHARI has a single-piece folding rear bench. With the rear bench folded down, initial boot volume of 200 litres is increased to as much as 800 litres.
Fun and easy to live with, New Citroen E-MEHARI is equipped with a complete Bluetooth Parrot audio system for telephony and music with a removable remote control, a USB socket and two speakers, for listening to playlists or calling friends on the phone.

Even more efficient, silent and respectful of the environment, New Citroen E-MEHARI features a 100% electric drive train. It is powered by a latest-generation lithium metal polymer LMP®battery based on the French expertise of the Bolloré group, impervious to weather variations and tested over more than 150 million kilometres.
New Citroen E-MEHARI benefits from the drive-train upgrade. It now reaches a top speed of 110 km/h (68 mph), boasts extra vivacity, thanks to a near 20% increase in engine torque, reaching 166 Nm up to 3,700 rpm and 140 Nm beyond, and brings motorists an all-new zero-emission and zero-noise driving experience.
It has a certified combined range of 195 km (121 miles) according to the NEDC standard (New European Driving Cycle) and can be fully charged in 10.5 hours with a 16A system at special facilities (household terminals or public terminals such as Autolib’) or in 16.5 hours via 10A household sockets.
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