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Firefly Grill joins Electrify America’s EV charging network

Electric vehicle owners locally and EV motorists traveling between major cities in mid-America can now charge their vehicles while enjoying delectable local fare at Firefly Grill, a sustainable farm and eco-conscious New American eatery in Effingham, Illinois.


11 saat 42 dak

Batman’s composer Hans Zimmer to work on sound design for next BMW EVs

Hans Zimmer is known worldwide for his film music. He has composed countless soundtracks for Hollywood and won numerous awards. Now Hans Zimmer, together with Renzo Vitale, acoustic engineer and sound designer at the BMW Group, has composed the sound for the BMW Vision M NEXT.


15 saat 43 dak

Siemens sells electric aircraft propulsion business to Rolls-Royce

Siemens is set to sell its eAircraft unit to Rolls-Royce – the companies expect the move to take place in late 2019.


20 saat 43 dak