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Schlanke Produktionslogistik

Mit der Wertstrommethode steht ein mächtiges Werkzeug zur Gestaltung von Produktionssystemen zur Verfügung, dass sich über Jahrzehnte in der Praxis bewährt gemacht hat. In diesem Seminar werden die Implikationen aus der Wertstrommethode für die Intralogistik aufbereitet und eine Methode zur Gestaltung von Logistiksystemen in produzierenden Unternehmen vorgestellt.


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Toronto Transit Commission to put ten BYD electric buses into service

BYD Canada announced that ten zero-emission, 40-foot K9M battery-electric buses will be put into service by the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), in Toronto, Ontario. TTC is Canada’s largest and North America’s third largest transit operator.


1 saat 3 dak

Ballard Launches High-Power Density Fuel Cell Stack Developed with Audi

Ballard Power Systems announced the launch of its FCgen®-HPS product, a high-performance, zero-emission, proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell stack, to provide propulsion for a range of Light-, Medium- and Heavy-Duty vehicles in an industry-leading volumetric high-power density of 4.3 kilowatts per liter (4.3 kW/L).


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BYD delivers 33 electric buses to Barbados

Electric buses are proliferating beyond the usual EV hotspots. Caribbean islands, many of which have short travel distances and high fuel prices, could be great candidates for transit electrification.


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How to Keep Your Electric Car Looking and Running Great

There are over 5 million electric cars on the roadways of the world. For most people, buying an electric car is something they do to limit the negative impact their actions have on the environment. Choosing the right electric vehicle will require some time and research.


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High-power charging trucks become mobile power sources

From Track Experiences to the Ice Experience in Finland, the Taycan is now an integral part of Porsche’s customer driving programmes. However, not everywhere provides the adequate infrastructure for charging the electric sports car en masse. Meet Porsche’s innovative solution: a fleet of stand-alone, high-power charging trucks that offer mobile charging on demand.


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