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Articles from EC Future Internet

CHIST-ERA call 2015 announcement

Share thisCHIST-ERA is a coordination and co-operation activity of national (and regional) research funding organisations mainly in Europe and is supported by the European Union under the ERA-Net funding scheme of the FP7. The Call 2015 of CHIST-ERA targets research in the following topics:
• User-Centric Security, Privacy and Trust in the Internet of Things
• Terahertz Band for Next-Generation Mobile Communication Systems

Standards and Architecture for the IoT. A path for convergence? Main outputs from the Workshop on IoT Standardisation and Architecture

Share thisThe Workshop on Internet of Things (IoT) Standardisation and Architecture gathered more than 60 representatives from different organisations and companies around Europe to discuss over the deployment of the IoT with a special focus on the standards and high architecture. The workshop was co-organised on November 4th by the European Commission and the Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI).

Workshop on "Internet of Things Standardisation and Architecture"

Share thisThe workshop will present the findings of the Alliance for the Internet of Things (AIOTI) WG03 and its related sub groups on IoT landscape analysis, definition of a high-level architecture and semantic interoperability between interconnected "things" and systems. The findings are presented in the context of other major initiatives such as oneM2M, ITU-T, IEC, ISO/IEC JTC 1, W3C, IEEE and IIC.