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Articles from EC Future Internet

Study report "Standards terms and performances criteria in Service Level Agreements for cloud computing services" (SMART 2013/0039)

Share thisAn initial objective of this study was to find out and map the rules with respect to Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in each of the Member States, and to determine the provisions and approaches which are used in practice. A second objective of the study was to provide suggestions of model SLA provisions that could provide some further stability, certainty and transparency in the cloud market. The findings in relation to both of these objectives are summarized in the present report

Learn about our COSMOS: Social interactions have played a key role in human evolution, so why not in the digital one?

Share thisWould you like to control and optimise your home's 'clima', save costs and remain eco-friendly; know in advance and avoid traffic jams; be alerted when your electric appliances behave abnormally. COSMOS project will enable such things to evolve and act in an automated and autonomous way to improve your life and environment.

E3Network: Making the internet faster on your smartphone

Share thisToday's mobile networks need to be fast. Speed is not only necessary between the radio towers and the users' smartphones, tablets or laptops… the radio towers must also have a fast connection to the internet and the network's backbone (backhaul link), otherwise they become a bottleneck and cannot receive and re-transmit the videos or music the users wish to watch or listen to. Ideally, the thousands of radio towers/rooftop antennas would be connected via fibre optic cables.

Mapping Internet of Things innovation clusters in Europe — SMART 2015/0012

Share thisThe main objective of this study is to provide the reader with a clear understanding of the dynamics (factors of emergences, key drivers, common characteristics) that have led to the creation of the existing Internet of Things innovation clusters in the European Union and to provide concise and comprehensive information about these clusters using for e.g. specific ranking categorisations.