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Articles from EC Future Internet

The Internet of Things Week 2015

Share thisInternet of Things (IoT) represents the next step towards the digitisation of our society and economy, where objects and people are interconnected through communication networks and report about their status and/or the surrounding environment. This conference aims to link the Internet of Things research community with the business sector focusing on the deployment of IoT innovation.

EU funded projects PaaSage and AppHub join forces: Strategic partnership for Open Source community and cloud platforms

Share thisPaaSage, the FP7 funded project, today confirms a strategic partnership to deploy their open source and cloud platform from AppHub, the European Open Source Marketplace. PaaSage will be cooperating with a French industry community, OW2, which develops open source software and platforms. OW2 is a partner in the H2020 funded project AppHub.

For more info please see the press release.