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FIA Formula E Championship is its commitment and promotion of clean energy and sustainability...

Using entertainment, Formula E aspires to drive the change towards the greater use of sustainable mobility. In short, we want to improve the image and perception of electric vehicles and to encourage more people to buy and use them. 

Of course, Formula E can't do this just by itself, but it can act as a catalyst between companies, leaders, experts, cities and policy-makers to spread the idea and feasibility of an alternative electric future.

How exactly? Well, by increasing the sales and uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) which in turn helps reduce pollution levels and improve people's health...not to mention save many millions of barrels of oil and create many new jobs. By showing people that EVs don't have to be 'uncool' or 'slow' and by improving the infrastructure, costs and technology available - such as battery life - Formula E hopes to achieve this goal.

In fact, in 2013 Formula E commissioned a report, by leading global professional services firm EY, to asses the global value of Formula E to the EV market over the next 25 years (2015–2040) and its wider economic, environmental and social impact, in addition to delivering a sustainable legacy.

From this, it was show that Formula E can help sell an additional 77 million EVs worldwide, save 4 billion barrels of oil and help make savings of 25 billion euros on healthcare*.

*Source: Ernst & Young. Impact report commissioned by Formula E Holdings. Based on a low scenario using the period 2015-2040.