İstanbul Kalkınma Ajansı

Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Kalkınma Bakanlığı


About The Project

Istanbul Okan University is the first university which started first studies about the smart and
connected vehicles and developed first autonomous vehicle OKANOM of Turkey. Transportation
Technologies and Intelligent Automotive Systems Application and Research Center (TTIS) which is the
one of the total of 12 university’s research centers, has been founded in 2009

TTIS is contributing the country’s future by conducting research and develoment activities which are
supported by EU, TÜBİTAK (Turkish Scientific and Technological Resaerch Council of Turkey) and in
adddition TTIS is the only member of ERTICO-ITS (Europes Intellegent Transprotation System) from
Turkey and also member of EGVIA (European Green Vehicles) in Turkey; TTIS at Istanbul Okan
University carries out research and development activities in the areas of intelligent vehicles, ITS,
other unmanned vehicles, robots, robot groups, advanced automotive technologies, electric
transportation technologies, fuel cells, vehicle technologies that use solar cells, similar clean and
renewable energies, development application of complicated simulation and virtual environments
for Turkish automotive and automotive subsidiary industry. TTIS has approximetly 15 academic staff
with a wide variety of backgorund disciplines, including engineering, mathematics, medicine,
sociology to undertake multidisciplinary research.

Center has two cluster projects ;

        E-Hike (Innovative and Sustainable Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology Development and
        Clustering Center) and
        E-Hike Link ( Innovative Intelligent and Communicating Vehicles Technology Development
        and Clustering Centre) which are funded by ISTKA -Istanbul Development Agency .

E-Hike - Innovative and Sustainable Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology Development and
Clustering Center (e-Hike) was established in 2014 with the support of Istanbul Development Agency
(İSTKA) and the partnership of TESİD-Turkish Electronics Manufacturers Association , YASAD
-Software Industrialists Association and TAYSAD- Automotive Suppliers Association of

A new project OPINA( Open Innovation Autonomous Vehicle Development and Testing Platform)
funded by IPA has started in June 2020 . e-Hike and e-Hikelink Clusters will be combined under
OPINA cluster and services will continue with considerable enhancement.

In accordance with the Vision of Okan University and the Faculty of Engineering , to do research in
the area of “Transportation Technologies and Intelligent Automotive Systems”, to advance science
and technology, and by dissemination of these to contribute to the prosperity of its community.

To develop the academic and technological knowledge required by the Turkish automotive
industry, automotive subsidiary industry and public by doing foresight activities on future
transportation systems and vehicles and conduct R&D work on clean energy, intelligent
vehicles, intelligent transportation systems, unmanned vehicles, robots, robot groups and their
modeling, simulation, design and realization.