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Articles from Electric Cars Report

Ford Pro and Xcel Energy Partner to Install 30,000 EV Charging Ports for Business Fleets by 2030

Ford Pro, the commercial division within Ford Motor Company, and Xcel Energy, a national leader in clean energy, announced a unique collaboration to support the deployment of 30,000 EV charging ports in Xcel Energy service territories across the U.S. by 2030 with most upfront costs offset by Xcel for qualifying business fleet customers.

ONE’s Dual Chemistry Gemini Battery Powers BMW iX 608 Miles on a Single Charge

Our Next Energy (ONE), a Michigan-based energy storage technology company, announced its Gemini dual-chemistry battery achieved 608.1 miles (978.6 km) of range in a BMW iX on a single charge. The milestone was achieved using a WLTP test cycle, the European standard for determining the range of fully electric vehicles.