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Articles from Electric Vehicle News

Chris Harris - McLaren P1 Hybrid [VIDEO]

Chris Harris takes the McLaren P1 hybrid hypercar for a drive around the UK in typical wet British weather. The car is obviously a gorgeous piece of automotive engineering but watching this video you could be forgiven for forgetting the P1 is a hybrid. Despite the fact Harris talks about throttle response and low-end torque through-out the video, he makes no mention of the torque-fill provided by the 130 kw / 257 Nm electric motor (approx the same output as a BMW i3), right up until the the last minute of the film when Harris hits E-mode for a short demo just for novelty value.

Nissan LEAF Battery Reliability Outperforms Cynics [VIDEO]

Five years and more than 35,000 European sales since the launch of its all-electric LEAF, proprietary data released by Nissan for the first time shows that 99.99 percent of its battery units remain entirely fit for purpose. The failure rate of the battery power unit is less than 0.01 percent - or just three units in total - a fraction of the equivalent industry-widei figure for defects affecting traditional combustion engines.

Axial Flux Induction Motor for Hybrid and Electric Cars [VIDEO]

EV Powertrain start-up Evans Electric is rumoured to be working on some interesting electric vehicle projects. The Sydney based team have developed a world-first copper rotor axial flux induction motor for automotive applications. The patent pending design has torque density on par with comparable axial air gap synchronous motors but without the expense of rare-earth permanent magnets.