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Articles from EC Future Internet

ECTA Regulatory Conference 2015

Share thisThe European Commission is preparing an ambitious review of the EU’s digital rulebook and consulting extensively on the telecoms framework, connectivity needs of the future, platforms and standards. ECTA’s Annual Regulatory Conference will explore a wide range of timely policy issues in a series of keynote speeches and panel discussions.

Call for tenders: a framework for monitoring the impact of 5G Public Private Partnership and the associated key performance indicators (KPIS) – SMART 2015/0013

Share thisThe European Commission will launch soon a call for tenders for a service contract of a maximum value of EUR 60.000.
The purpose of this call for tenders is to provide, a framework of realistic and detailed metrics to monitor the progress of the 5G Public Private Partnership (5G-PPP) towards its objectives, and a methodology to assess the impact of its activities through the contractual KPIs.