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Articles from IEEE Electric Vehicle News

Volkswagen Group reorganizes North American operations; Prof. Dr. Winfried Vahland new region CEO

As part of its restructuring, Volkswagen Group is combining its activities in the US, Mexico and Canada into the newly formed North American Region (NAR). The Supervisory Board has appointed Prof. Dr. Winfried Vahland, since 2010 the CEO of Group company ŠKODA, to take over all responsibility for the North American Region. In this new role as President and CEO of Volkswagen NAR, Prof. Dr. Vahland will be responsible for all Group activities in the newly formed region from 1 November 2015.

International Alliance on ZEVs seeks to accelerate ZEV adoption; 11 founding government members from N America and Europe

Eleven European and North American governments are the founding partners of the International ZEV Alliance, which has the mission of accelerating global adoption of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs). California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon, Rhode Island and Vermont in the United States; Québec in Canada; and The Netherlands, Norway and the United Kingdom in Europe are the founding members.

Why Volkswagen Resorted To Emissions Cheating

As the story of Volkswagen’s emission defeat devices continues to unfold, details on how the diesel engines were rigged and which cars are affected are slowly coming to light.
But executives within the carmaker – along with others involved with the investigation – have said very little on what motivated Volkswagen Group to install these cheats on more than 11 million cars worldwide. Like many scandals that have come before, the trigger of Volkswagen’s scandal appears to be rooted in money.

Denise Gray to become CEO of Li-ion battery supplier LG Chem Power

LG Chem Power Inc. (LGCPI), announced that Prabhakar Patil, who has served as the CEO for 10 years, will retire effective tomorrow. He will be succeeded by Denise Gray starting 1 October. Gray was the Director of Global Battery Systems Engineering at General Motors, where her team successfully developed and launched the lithium-ion battery system used in the original Chevrolet Volt, working closely with the LG Chem team. The Volt uses LG Chem battery cells produced at the company’s plant in Holland, Michigan.

Watch Tesla’s Super Powerful Model S P90D Sprint From 0-100 MPH Faster Than You Can Read This

In the time it takes a Toyota Camry to do 0-60 mph, a video of Tesla’s P90D can rip from 0-100.
Timed on a public road under cover of night, the 762-horsepower all-wheel-drive car did the run in 7.76 seconds. Its 0-60 time was just 2.85 seconds meaning riders on literbikes better be pretty good if they want to win against this car that launches with brute force.
Aside from entertainment for YouTube patrons to discuss, and at times enter into insulting barb-filled rhetoric with fellow strangers, this speed potential is being called a selling point for the automaker.