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NEO announces plans to integrate recycled silicon into anode materials

NEO, a developer of silicon anode materials, reports that it has signed an MOU with an undisclosed Asia-based producer of high-purity silicon powder derived by recycling silicon by-product waste from solar photovoltaic cell and semiconductor manufacturing.

The purpose, says NEO, is to significantly enhance price competitiveness of silicon anode materials for EV batteries by integrating the recycled silicon input into NBMSiDE, NEO’s proprietary silicon anode materials. The company projects a price reduction in the silicon input of between 30 and 40 percent.

NEO expects to receive recycled silicon in January for sample testing to assess performance, viability and collaboration/research direction. The company also reports that it has discussed with the recycler collaborative opportunities to enter the North American market and is seeking further joint development activities with Li-ion battery supply chain players in the coming year.

Source: Green Car Congress